Probation is a sentence which may be imposed by a court instead of jail time. Someone “on probation” has either been convicted or the charges have been “stayed.” A person violates probation when s/he doesn’t comply with the conditions of his/her probation.

At the probation violation hearing, the judge can consider the probation officer’s report and other information. The penalties for a violation depend on the severity of the violation and the previous charge that you were placed on probation for. Often judges will give someone another chance and the first violation will not affect the remaining probation time. Other times, judges will revoke probation and impose the maximum sentence of the underlying crime, which could be jail or prison time. Because judges have great discretion in deciding the sentence for a violation, it is important you choose an experienced, skilled, criminal defense attorney to help you with your case.

Marso & Michelson represents individuals throughout the Twin Cities, and all of Minnesota, facing probation violations.

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