Paul F. Marso

One of the founding partners of Marso & Michelson, P.A., Paul F. Marso practiced law in Minnesota and Wisconsin for more than thirty years, specializing in probate estates and commercial litigation. Although now retired, he can still occasionally be seen around the office when he is not hunting or fishing.

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Paul F. Marso represented many big players in the food service industry in Minnesota for more than thirty years, beginning in 1982.  He also represented some of the largest wholesale lumber and restaurant equipment companies in the Midwest.  He has collected millions of dollars for his clients and has obtained trial verdicts of over $400,000.00 for his commercial clientele while enjoying 20+ year relationships with many of them.

Paul also represented smaller companies and assisted them with their contractual, commercial collection, and secured transaction matters.  He assisted companies, small and large, with the proper drafting of their credit applications, personal guarantees, and sale documents to ensure prompt payment of accounts receivable, and to place that client in a preferred position if and when their own customers stopped paying them.   He has served as counsel for creditors’ committees in bankruptcies, and was frequently able to assist his clients in having a better position should their customers file bankruptcy and leave them with unpaid accounts receivable.

Paul Marso also assisted clients with the probate of estates in various counties in Minnesota.  He has assisted heirs with the avoidance of complicated probate for 25 years and is often able to accomplish the goals of probate without the expensive formal process commonly associated with probate.  He was able to advise clients on changes in the law and procedures available to avoid probate if at all possible.

After retiring in 2015, Paul has much more free time to spend outdoors, hunting and fishing across Minnesota, the United States, and Canada. He still drops by the office sometimes, though, to offer advice, wisdom, and jokes.

Paul Marso

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