No More Debt Collector Phone Calls

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Fight Back Against Debt Collectors with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Are you a victim of unlawful debt collection practices?
Have you been disrespected by unscrupulous debt collectors?
Have you been threatened by debt collectors to take legal action against you?
Are you having sleepless nights over the fright of harassing debt collectors?

If your answer is yes to any or all of these, you should fight back!

The FDCPA considers the following as violations of the FDCPA by debt collectors:

  • Being disrespectful
  • Calling you at inconvenient times
  • Not disclosing the name of the company
  • Not disclosing the original creditor’s name
  • Using abusive language during the conversation
  • Threatening to seize your assets or bank accounts
  • Engaging in violence
  • Give misleading information such as wrong name, false identity as an attorney
  • Disclosing your debt to third parties
  • Demanding more money than the actual debt
  • Calling you after you have sent a cease and desist letter
  • Intimidating you with dire consequences
  • Threatening you with legal action that is not meant
  • Demanding even if you don’t owe
  • Lying about the debt
  • Suing you in a state you don’t reside in

Under the FDCPA, you have a right to:

  • Decline to take a call from a debt collector
  • Hang up on a debt collector
  • Instruct a debt collector not to call
  • Send a letter to a debt collector not to call
  • Arrange a convenient time to call you
  • Not allow debt collector to call you at odd times
  • Ask debt collector to validate the debt in writing
  • Inform debt collector not to call at work place
  • Send a cease and desist letter to debt collectors to stop further communication
  • Engage an attorney for further communication and legal action
  • Record the calls from debt collectors (if it is allowed in the state you reside in)

If a debt collector has violated the FDCPA, contact us so we can help!

You have the right to have the debt reduced or even eliminated have your credit report cleared of negative information. Receive up to $1,000, and attorney’s fees will be paid by the collection agency.

Don’t let debt collectors harass you. Call an attorney today at 612-821-4817.

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