Judgements in Minnesota remain in effect for TEN years! And if a creditor takes certain steps, they can renew the judgment for another ten years. That means that a creditor can try and collect from you for up to twenty years or more!

When a creditor obtains a judgment against you, they often begin searching for assets and serving garnishments. They can attempt to garnish your wages / income and bank accounts. We can help you understand this process and let you know whether or not you are exempt from garnishment.

If you were not served with a Summons and Complaint, yet you have received notice of entry of judgment, you may a good chance of challenging or re-opening the judgment. Attempting to challenge a judgment can be a time-consuming and expensive process. But in the right circumstances, it may well be the best option.

If you have received notice of a judgment being entered against you, give us a call. We will help you understand your options and make an informed decision.

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