According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (September 2015): “An estimated 17.6 million Americans – about 7% of U.S. residents age 16 or older – were victims of identity theft in 2014.”

The threat of identity theft has grown as we move more and more of our personal financial information on-line. Coupled with increases in on-line shopping, banking and the ever present threat of merchant hacks everyone needs to be aware and ready to take immediate action to protect their identity. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize their identity has been compromised until many years later.

We frequently speak with clients who upon attempting to qualify for mortgage financing or an auto loan face the unpleasant surprise of loans or judgments that do not belong to them appearing on their credit report. This can happen to anyone. It is important that you regularly review your credit reports. ( And if you notice items that you do not recognize, contact us right away.

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