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Bank of America has been ordered to pay a hefty fine for harassing ex-homeowners.

A bankruptcy judge fined Bank of America $126,000 in damages and $63,000 in punitive damages for contempt of court.

Michael and Dolores Kirkbride filed for bankruptcy and as part of the process, they signed a consent order which allowed Countrywide Loans to foreclose on two properties that they owned. However, three days after the consent order became effective Countrywide Loans violated the consent order by trying to collect the debt from Dolores and Michael.

During a period of two years Countrywide Loans and then later Bank of America called Michael and Dolores more than 400 times trying to get them to pay the debt which was discharged in their bankruptcy. Bank of America also sent more than 20 letters demanding payment for the debt.

Do not ever pay on a debt that was discharged in your bankruptcy. Stop debt collection harassment. Call an attorney today.

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