If you face criminal charges, you must get the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. As a criminal defense attorney, Blake Bauer, has spent years studying the law, and is intimately familiar with the criminal-law landscape. In every criminal case, there are mountains of court documents, deadlines, and precise legal procedures. Sorting through and tracking these are time-consuming and difficult to deal with. For Blake Bauer, all of this is second nature. He can save you the hassle and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your rights are being protected.

As local criminal defense attorney, Blake Bauer is familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the area and will know about their tendencies. He is able to recognize or point out weak points in the State’s argument. He also has the ability to track down necessary records and argue against weak or contradictory evidence in court.

By hiring Blake Bauer you will save money in the long run. For example, if your charge normally carries a sentence of 6 months in jail and your attorney was able to negotiate a deal for no jail time and 2 years’ probation, or even better the case was dismissed. You might receive a bill for $3000! (That’s a lot of money!) How is paying thousands for an attorney going to save me money you ask? If you are out of work for 6 months you would likely lose more than that $3000 in income alone. If you take into account fines, jail fees and time away from your family and friends, you’re going to wish that you had spent $3000 on a lawyer.

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Marso & Michelson, PA is a Minnesota law firm that focuses its criminal law practice on DWI/DUI/Test Refusal defense. Our lawyers provide clients with a high level of knowledge, strategy, and dedication, resulting in exceptional legal help for fighting DUI charges. When you decide that you want to give yourself the best opportunity to reduce or eliminate Minnesota DWI penalties, speak with our attorneys to get started right away.

Being charged with a drug charge can carry a variety of consequences – depending on the severity of the case. Outcomes can range from jail sentences, fines or disqualification from potential opportunities within a certain field. A good drug defense can help lessen the impact to your life. By working alongside the attorneys at Marso & Michelson, P.A. you will be able to fight the case with the utmost of confidence in getting a result that you desire.

Being accused of shoplifting or a theft crime can be a real wake up call. You may have made a big mistake or had a lapse in judgement that you seriously regret.  Or you may be completely innocent! Cases of mistaken intentions happen all the time. Either way, you have to fight the criminal court system now, and we can help.

Assault charges not only can carry direct consequences such as potential jail time, fines and court-ordered treatment, the collateral consequences can be harsh and long-lasting. An assault charge can affect child custody in divorce cases, a person’s future employment, their volunteer opportunities, as well as the ability to possess a firearm. We know how to defend assault cases. The team at Marso & Michelson, P.A. is ready to get together with you to put together a plan to protect your rights and your future.

Are you being investigated for assault or domestic assault? If so, contact the criminal lawyers at Marso & Michelson, P.A.  With years of experience handling assault and domestic assault cases, we have successfully litigated these charges ranging from misdemeanor domestic assault to first degree felonies. With our aggressive approach to handling assault cases, we have produced favorable results for our clients.

Your case is far from over once you walk out of the court with a conviction under your belt.  You will often be placed on probation, which is continued supervision by the court system.  Violation of that probation can land you in jail or prison. A violation on your record can bring serious consequences now and in the future. Contact the criminal lawyers at Marso & Michelson, P.A. to help you fight any Probation violation.

If you have had difficulty moving forward in your life because of a criminal charge or criminal conviction on your record, then you may be able to do something about it. Expungement Lawyers at Marso & Michelson, P.A. can help.

An arrest of a minor child is certainly one of the most upsetting situations faced by any family. Since different laws are applicable to minors, it is important that in the case of a juvenile crime accusation, you hire the services of a Minnesota juvenile crimes lawyer who handles juvenile cases and juvenile delinquency. If you are committed towards providing your minor child with the best legal representation, then decide to retain the excellent services of Minnesota Juvenile Crimes Attorneys at Marso & Michelson, P.A.

Traffic offenses in Minnesota often seem minor. However, the state has strict laws regarding the safety of drivers and others on the roadways.  When a driver places another person or several other people in danger, the offense could be considered severe. If a person actually is injured or killed because of the act, the charge for the offense could be considered a felony. These offenses could mean extensive jail or prison sentences, expensive fines and even the loss of driving privileges. An experienced attorney can help you combat the charges.

In Minnesota, you can be charged with a petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony. Regardless of the severity of the crime for which you are accused, Minnesota defense attorneys at Marso & Michelson, P.A. can help.

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