Whether you are asserting your rights or being sued, the civil litigation attorneys of Marso & Michelson, P.A. strive to put you in the best position to protect your interests. We work closely with clients to negotiate a practical resolution or fiercely represent them in court.

We have handled the spectrum of civil disputes and lawsuits, representing individuals, businesses and non-profit entities. Our firm takes cases in Minneapolis, across the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. Contact us today to explore your rights and remedies in a free initial discussion.

Experience and Strength in Civil Litigation

We provide plaintiff or defense representation in state and federal courts. Our clients have direct access to accomplished trial lawyers with deep and diverse civil litigation experience:

  • Breach of contract or oral agreements
  • Commercial Collections
  • Tort claims (consumer fraud, misrepresentation, unfair competition)
  • Professional malpractice
  • Property disputes and real estate litigation
  • Eviction or foreclosure
  • Business-to-business disputes
  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Homeowner association disputes
  • Vehicle Forfeitures

Trial Advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Attorneys at Marso & Michelson, P.A. will sit down with you to discuss your desired outcome and your legal options. Are you seeking monetary damages? A court injunction to stop the other party? A judgment declaring you are in the right? Do want this issue to go away quietly, or are you prepared to fight it out before a judge and jury?

Marso and Michelson, P.A. can negotiate on your behalf with the other party, advise you in mediation or arbitration, or stand up for you in contested court proceedings. We also handle appeals of adverse rulings or verdicts. You can count on us for realistic expectations about the expense and likely outcome, but we will vigorously pursue whatever course of action you choose.

Call our civil litigation attorneys at 612-821-4817 to arrange a free initial discussion.

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