Alleged Debt Over $30,000

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In April 2015, the attorneys at Marso and Michelson, P.A. were able to successfully convince a District Court Judge to dismiss a case against our client. In this case Gurstel Chargo, P.A. was representing a debt buyer and demanding over $30,000. The attorneys at Marso and Michelson analyzed the case and the Court’s orders, and Blake Bauer, an associate attorney at the firm, discovered that Gurstel Chargo, P.A. never filed the Affidavits of Service of the Summons and Complaint. In the District Court Judge’s order, the Judge mandated that Gurstel Chargo, P.A. file these Affidavits. Blake Bauer notified the Court of Gurstel Chargo, P.A.’s failure to file these required documents. On April 21, 2015 the District Court Judge dismissed the case without prejudice. Based on this dismissal, our client is free and clear from over $30,000 in alleged debt because the claims are now beyond the statute of limitations.

If you or a loved one is being contacted by Gurstel Chargo, P.A. regarding the collection of a debt, please contact the attorneys at Marso and Michelson, P.A. We will work hard at disputing any debt Gurstel Chargo, P.A., or any other debt collector is demanding.

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