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  • I have used various Law Firms for many years and I have yet to find a Law Firm as responsive, efficient, professional and friendly as the attorney's at Marso and Michelson, P.A. I have been with them for over 5 years now and continue to be impressed with their professional and reasonable approaches to every situation. Their fees are the most reasonable and they never "run up unnecessary hours" just to bill you. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    Lawrence Josephs
  • We made the tough decision to file for bankruptcy in 2012. The process was extremely complicated and stressful, but the attorneys and all the staff at Marso and Michelson were always available and accomplished everything they said they would do to help us repair our finances. Fast forward 4 years later, even over 1 year after our discharge, our attorney Marcus Hinnenthal is still our advocate helping us to deal with a past creditor who has posted negative remarks on our credit report. They are personable, professional, and continue to work with you well past you may expect. Thanks to all! Highly recommended.

    Jim Gordon
  • I wish I could them more stars! They were ABSOLUTELY amazing, handled everything beautifully. Beyond my expectations! THANK YOU!!!!!

    Kim Dans
  • Marcus Hinnenthal represented me in a potential lawsuit I was facing for an outstanding second mortgage from 10 years ago on a foreclosed property. Unfortunately, the Minnesota Statutes don't clearly define the type of debt a second mortgage falls under, which is what left me exposed to a potential lawsuit being filed against me. For the last several years, I was convinced that the statute of limitations had expired and they did not have a claim to stand on. Unfortunately, the creditor could have filed a claim in district court and the outcome would be up to judicial interpretation so I was facing a possible judgment in excess of $50,000. Thankfully Marcus was able to negotiate a settlement on my behalf. To be honest, I didn't want to give a dime to the creditor, but this was the best outcome I could hope for. There were times I freaked out - what would happen if they wouldn't accept my settlement offer? I can't afford to have a judgment entered against me and my paychecks garnished. But Marcus assured me that no matter what happened, we would work through it as bankruptcy was always be an option. He understood my position that I would want to consider bankruptcy only as a last resort since I've worked really hard to clean up my credit. It is reassuring to have an attorney tell you, "Don't worry, that's why you hired me." I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am that I had Marcus as my attorney and I would recommend him (and the firm) to anyone in need of legal representation on any debt issues

    Maria Thompson
  • Marcus Hinnenthal was extremely helpful in helping me deal with a fraudulent company posing as a collection agency involved in apayday loan scam that was falsely reporting to CRAs, advised me to dispute with bureaus directly. Courteous, professional, and well-versed in consumer protection law, civil litigation, collections, and bankruptcy.

    Jonathon Hiatt
  • Very proffessional and efficient law firm. I had a collections suing me. Marcus Hinnental did a very excellent job of explaining all my options and how to solve it. The case was solved quickly. I liked their services so much that i referred Marcus to a family member who was equally impressed with Marcus' quality of work. I will always recommend them—five stars!

    George Moruri
  • Blake Bauer Esq. did an amazing job reducing a $2,500 judgement I had levied against me to $0!!! If you ever find yourself having credit card companies, or attorneys harassing you for past debt $$$, make sure you give Blake a call. He was awesome to work with.

    Dan Coleman
  • Bill Michelson has been working with us for 3 years on certain financial matters. His attention to detail and follow through is outstanding. In his field he is highly regarded and considered fair, but tough--and he attains results. Recommended highly.

    Scott Whelan

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